American Saddlebred Sport Horse Car Magnets

While thinking about ways to better fund Nautica and my upcoming show season, I came up with the idea to create a design for products that would represent who we are specifically as a saddlebred sport horse team. I wanted to use my website’s title, “Show Horse Sport Horse” to describe exactly what Nautica is—a show horse learning to use his strengths and talents to succeed in the sport horse world of dressage. So, I created a simple graphic that would depict and describe just that, one we could show off proudly at horse shows and use as a conversation starter about the American Saddlebred breed.

I figured my graphic could not only describe Nautica but all saddlebred sport horses, whether they come from a show horse background and were given a new purpose in life or were purpose-bred for the sport. I want my designs to promote the breed as a whole while also focusing on the versatility of these horses and the talents they bring to non-traditionally saddlebred disciplines. Because of this, I had my graphics made into easily-displayable magnets and stickers.

Currently, I have both magnets and stickers available for purchase via my Etsy store, AnimatedTrot. My designs include dressage and jumping, both based on saddlebred models and with a smaller, recognizably “show horse” saddlebred in the center “heart” area of the horse. The colors are navy and red, representative of the American Saddlebred’s heritage and breed association’s colors. These magnets are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use and work great on cars, farm trucks, horse trailers—anywhere you want to share your love and support for the American Saddlebred sport horse! The stickers go well on a variety of surfaces including tack trunks, laptops, notebooks, and more.

100% of profits will go to supporting Nautica’s first show season as a dressage horse and aspiring ambassador for the American Saddlebred breed at all-breed shows.

Share your support

Do you have a photo of your Show Horse Sport Horse magnet or sticker being displayed? Send it in or post it with the hashtag #ShowHorseSportHorse to be featured here on the blog!

Nautica and I appreciate your support!

*Stickers are die cut when peeled away from the backing.

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