Results from Nautica’s (First) Virtual Horse Show

Nautica was a star in his big move-up to training level dressage, showing in training test 1 for the Greystone Dressage virtual horse show!

See my last post for more details on virtual horse showing.

Despite a test with a few bobbles and some slight issues with our consistency in the contact (entirely rider-based) Nautica earned a 62.7% and a fifth place in his adult amateur division! While the goal is to eventually see the mid-to-high 60s at training level, I couldn’t be more proud of this score for Nautica’s first time at this new level. All of Team Nautica—owner, trainer, barn family, and confused-but-enthusiastic non-horsey family—is thrilled with the progress this horse has made in just a little over a year.

Nautica celebrated with ribbon photos and horse cookies. I celebrated by promptly having my much-needed shoulder surgery. To spare myself from too much more one-handed typing, I present to you my video and test sheet from Nautica’s first ever training test-1.

There is definitely room for improvement but it was not a bad first attempt at the big T-1 for Nautica!

I was able to get one more test filmed after this show in the days before my surgery, slightly impromptu and less the braids and frills. That ride will be submitted to Greystone’s June online show. While I’m not going to give away too many details about that test, I will say that Nautica felt significantly more consistent in the contact and on-the-aids with his transitions, particularly in the canters.

Other than that, Nautica is continuing to make progress by being ridden by our instructor while I am out of commission for the next few months. He has already improved dramatically in just this past week. It’s looking like by the end of my four months off, he should be lightyears ahead of me!


In addition to Nautica, I was given the opportunity to ride Stella, a Morgany-Paint cross in first-1 for the Greystone April show. She was a total doll and earned us a 66.4% and third place! Most of our test comments were entirely fixable, rider-based issues. I’m excited to be back aboard both Stella and Nautica once I’m cleared from my orthopedist!

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