Results from Nautica’s Second Virtual Horse Show

Nautica and I revisited training-1 in our second video test with Greystone Dressage. While this virtual show wasn’t to be judged until after June 13th, with my quickly-approaching surgery date and impending time off, I had a couple of tests filmed at the end of April. This ride was filmed one week after turning in my first show‘s video and before our scores from that test had come in.

Despite not having judge’s comments to analyze, Nautica and I worked on some of our most challenging points from the first show; maintaining consistency in the contact and cleaner transitions into the canter.

We stepped up our game to earn a 64.4% in training-1 and a fourth place, improving nearly two points on our score and moving up one placing in under one week. The cool part was, coincidentally, we ended up under the same judge from our first training test.

Obviously, as usual, there’s still lots to work on but It’s great to know that Nautica and I were able to improve despite not yet having the specifics from our first test’s judging.

See our test sheets and watch our show video below.

Dressage Today’s May Virtual Horse Show

More exciting news! In a separate online show hosted by Dressage Today magazine in May, Nautica and I entered a video for their training level test of choice, HC (non-compete) for scoring and comments by FEI rider and senior judge Margaret Freeman. We received a 63% for that ride as well as some more helpful comments and feedback.

While the Greystone virtual shows have been excellent opportunities to ride in front of local “r” judges in schooling show-level competition, Margaret’s score gave me my first experience with being scored by a senior judge. A 63% at training level from a big-time judge, especially with an “odd” horse who has less than two years of experience in this disciple, helped further reaffirm to me that Nautica and I are on the right track.

Go team Nautica!

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