August Recap

We are ten days deep into September, or, as the general consensus seems to suggest, “March 193rd.” All banalities involding humanity’s collective disdain for 2020 aside, this has felt like a particularly long year with each month dragging on longer than the last. August was no exception.

As usual, I have neglected to utilize my blog yet again. You know, the blog whose soul purpose is to keep me on track and reflective of the progress made by my dressage convert, Nautica. Consequently, having forgotten to log said progress, I have now resorted to looking through the timestamps on all of my most recent photos and videos of Nautica, trying to piece together this past month and all that has occurred. I’ve since come to the conclusion that August lasted for-freaking-ever. This is in part due to the never-ending saga that is 2020 but also because of my anticipated impending release from four-month physical therapy purgatory.

I’ve also concluded that I have an unhealthy amount of photos and videos of my horse. Nautica says it’s hard being famous…

… but someone’s gotta do it.

Despite my reluctant time grounded from riding, August was a very eventful month for Nautica! Some of his highlights included participating in a two-day clinic with Sarah Dodge on August 10th and 11th as well as a schooling show hosted by our barn on August 23rd in which Nautica scored a 63% and first place in his first ever in-person training level debut, training test 3! In both cases, Nautica was expertly ridden by our instructor and trainer, Kelly Arnold, KLA Dressage. Thanks, Kelly!

“I’m #1!” -Nautica

As of September 4th, I have been cleared to start back riding again after a four and a half month hiatus. I should (hopefully) be a bit more motivated to write now that I am once again back on my horse experiencing things first-hand.

“Alexa, play ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen.”

Big things are coming up for Nautica and me! Up next will be our first major outing to experience a recognized dressage show in October! We’ve been practicing hauling thanks to the help of an amazing group of barn friends and Nautica has shown great improvements in handling the stresses of traveling short distances. Fingers crossed that good momentum continues!

Nautica, showing off his dressage body.

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